Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pinterest: Christmas Card Display

Our Cards this year if you want to see them larger click on the photo above.
During the Christmas holiday one of my favorite things is Christmas Cards. I love seeing the new family photos, the handmade cards, and reading the update letters. The downside is that I never have a great way to show them off. I usually try and add some on the tables but they end up falling off the table and landing on the floor. This year I was inspired to change that. I wanted to make something that would be fun and crafty but also show off the cards. 

This is how it looks without the cards.. love it!! 
My amazing and crafty husband took four boards (three feet each) and sanded them down. (You could make it any size that you wanted or based on the number of cards you get) Then he made a nice frame out of them using screws and wood glue. Once that set he painted it with kitchen block paint. We talked about changing the color, but decided that the cards would have enough color on them. Finally he added chicken wire to the back of the frame.  Once that was all set we used clothing pins to hang up each of the cards. It was a half a day project with a huge impact!

We now have this handing in our living room and it is amazing how the Christmas tree lights bounce off the cards. It is always great to be able to see each and every card! 

I think this could be used for more than just holiday cards. It could be a great way to show off your photos all year! It would be sooo easy to change them up. Get sick of a photo.. change it out.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Jessica Lynn

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